Hobby Lobby 40% Off Plastic Kits

Dec 21, 2020
At least today. I didn't think to ask how long the sale was. But I was over there today to buy some glue. The Hobby shop was closed for New Years and I had to get some sheetrock anchors from Lowes nextdoor. We no longer have any neighborhood hardware stores in my town. The selection isn't great but 40% is 40%.
Jun 9, 2013
You can get 40% on model kits everyday - sale or no sale. Just go to the Hobby Lobby site on your phone, click on get coupon for in store use. I do it all the time but not just on models, everything model related (paint, glues, tools, etc...) and whatnot.


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Oct 26, 2020
I hear they're ending the 40 % off thing at the end of February , so , better hit 'em up for what you can before then .
Say it ain't so. You mean I don't have to read comments about what someone bought at Hobby Lobby with their 40% off coupon anymore? Glory be.

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May 12, 2009
Yes, HL will discontinue the general 40% coupon. They're not ending discounts-they will still offer targeted discounts for specific date ranges. They just won't offer that coupon. I figure I'll just have to look at their weekly flyers now.
As far as model kits go, HL does run occasional 40% sales, to move stock. I think the most recent one was the one they had before Christmas, though I may be mistaken about that.
Michael's also offers a discount similar to HL's, except that it wasn't a standing, weekly discount. But they often advertise 40% off all items, for limited but repeating times.

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