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May 6, 2009
Coming from a part of the UK that has a mass of drystone walls around every field, I decided that I would have a go, but in miniature .
First I collected some large stones that had distinct natural bedding layers that i could split with a small chisel.
Then using tile cutting/nipping pliers I made a bucket full of small stones, the more random the better. I wanted to make an arch that would eventually have a small steam/beck running through it (this will be my first time recreating water) :-[.The wall was built to the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain rules, ie footings, batter, hearting, throughs, and coping stones or cams as they are known locally. I followed the rule of one on two and two on one or yan on twan and twan on yan (local Cumbrian dialect). The area surrounding the wall will hopefully have grass, but no sheep! the scale is 1/10th and the weight of the wall is 2kg or 4 1/2lbs. The ends of the walls are finished showing a state of collapse different but I hope you like it?


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Cool, that's something different - good job. I'd say this is the right forum for it.
That does look very cool indeed. I am looking forward to the water, you wanted to add. I love water in scale modeling.
that looks great. I got a kick reading your description. It reminds me of of that phrase, "seperated by a common language". :D I can't wait to see the finished project. There seems to be quite a few choices for creating water. Which way are you leaning?
Thanks guys. :)
It sure took a lot of time to build.
Shark said:
There seems to be quite a few choices for creating water. Which way are you leaning?
Shark; I guess I will use Vallejo Still Water and transparent gel (as I'm a Vallejo paint fan), I plan on using some fine gravel and small stones collected from a local stream/river and use these within the model as well as recreating long grasses, ferns etc . Who knows maybe even a bit of scratch built old Lake District farming equipment?

Wow, never thought i'd get a taste of home on here but that looks a lot like a lil' ol' bridge me an me mate wrote our name on in Duddon Valley. Spot on!
Just to let you know the vallejo resin arrived today ;D. I've decided that the whole thing is going to be mounted on a plywood base, the surrounding area (field) will be made from air drying clay, stream as already described, possibly an old scrap Land Rover next to the wall? Please be patient on this one, as I'm also building a lit up C3PO figure (built straight from the box), a simple diorama of a Cessna Bird Dog and something unusual that will be revealed soon.
Thanks again for the positive comments ;)

Gnarly, Backbreaker, I love it!

Even though it's 1/10, it would still be a good backdrop for some 12" figures, like Dragon. I could see it as a piece of field engineering in Roman Britain, for example, with a couple of legionaries in front of it.

We have a lot of fieldstone around here, too (Southeastern PA) and there are a lot of buildings from the colonial period that were built of fieldstone, some that were since covered with lime plaster and whitewash.

A really neat project!

Cheers Brad,
My better 1/2 says I should make more dry stone wall models and judging by the +ive comments so far, I guess its inevitable.

Great work backbreaker, why try to replicate it when you can use the real thing and it looks spot on.

This is the kind of thing I want to build throughout the back yard garden.
Scale models made from natural materials.
Very nice build, thanks for sharing.
Definitely one of the most impressive walls Ive seen before. Will e great to see it accompanied by some figures.... or whatever! Fantastic effort mate!
ROCK-ON !! Great Job ! 'Looks Awesome !! I'm lookin' forward to seein' th Finished product !!

Realistic ! Have you thought of Casting it ?

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