Hello from So Cal!


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Dec 8, 2009
Just wanted to drop by and say my hellos! Catching up on Scott's Vids and working on my B-26 while watching before I hit the work load! :)

Hope to talk with y'all soon!

Welcome to the board who's purpose is waiting for more videos to be uploaded on scalemodeladdict *hint* *hint*

You will find some pretty cool people here who are seasoned model builders and willing to offer their years of experience to help out a fellow modeller.

Good luck, and may the Scalemodeladdict be with us soon...hopefully..

Best Regards

Thanks all! :)

Haha, yeh I can't wait for the next vid but I'm patient. It's time consuming during post. In the meantime, lots to read up on. :)

My patience is wearing thin by the second.

Ive been waiting for months now...when he said IN THE VIDEO, that new uploads were coming the following week..jeez, not very courteous in my opinion.

Have a merry Christmas Chung :)

Haha. Patience is a virtue. :) I do what Scott does I THINK. He mentioned what he does in his videos so I know how is it. Clients can be pretty demanding and project can get pretty involved.

I need to get a cam and post some of my stuff I'm doing right now. Just got back into scale modeling and picked up a P47D that's been "in progress" for a few years now. lol Kinda all whacked out since I had to get used to my air brush again. That's almost done and working on a b-26 right now and picking up on my Titanic again.

I came up with an idea for a Warhammer 40k diorama that I'm gathering the stuff for now. I didn't want to tap into the ones I use to play with (though I haven't played 40k in a while now).

And merry christmas to you to. :)

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