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May 7, 2009
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Hello all, I am very happy to inform you all that I may not be here as much as I would like in the near future.
My wife has bought me a business.
A small gaming shop just down the road.
It was a quick decision and has since moved like a glacier, but now all the papers are filed and approved, (fingers crossed), and I am placing stock orders later today.
Until I can get a computer that is mobile, I will only be able to check in and bother you early mornings ;D
Wish me luck!
And any and all advice will be accepted!
Where are you at (location wise)? Mail order / online ording in the future?
I kept the name of the original store. Games Workshop is the staple, but I will be adding Flames of War, Wings of War, and a line of Family games, Settlers of Catan, Livingstone, FLUXX, etc.
I have no plans for mail order or computer orders at this time. Shoestring budget is a reality here! I have enough for a minor order, a bit of everything. I will be watching sales and listening to my customers and going in the direction they are steering me towards.
We're on facebook, and my sons are in the process of getting us on the web.
Thanks for the good wishes!

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