'Grille' Ausf.H - Change of plans: Tarp


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May 6, 2009
Hey everybody!

After a couple of months spent in the basement experimenting around with my airbrush, I'm finally starting on my next project: DML's 15cm sIG33/1 auf Fgst. Pz.Kpfw.38(t) 'Grille' Ausf.H Sd.Kfz.138/1.

I have also started a new forum-based website where I will post all of my builds, be they tanks, planes, cars, etc.

Here's a link to my build:

'Grille' Ausf.H

I hope you'll enjoy and if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to post them here!

Re: 'Grille' Ausf.H

I haven't done anything in a while because I'm in my last year of school and things are starting to get difficult. I haven't lost interest in the Grille but there are also other models I want to build. Seeing as I can't justify buying another model without finishing this one first and because I don't have a lot of time left, I've decided to skip the interior with all of the modifications and build the Grille buttoned up with a tarp like this:


Because the tarp has a few holes that you can look through I've decided to paint the interior flat black so that nothing will be visible. Painting the lower hull's inside was the first thing I did. After that I fitted all of the superstructure plates to the hull with masking tape and glued them in place. I didn't encounter any fit issues which is impressive. At least the fit of the parts is outstanding compared to the accuracy of the interior. I added a few bits of styrene to the interior to give it some more stability. I'll continue on this project tomorrow with the painting of the rest of the interior. Hopefully, I will have the PE fenders fitted to the hull with all the details by sunday.


I've begun to experiment with making a tarp out of epoxy vs making it out of tissue paper. Tamiya's epoxy putty is good but I think I'll go with Milliput. I can't start working on the tarp because I have to order more putty. That's why I'll be working on the Friul tracks next week.

Have a good one.
This would be too bad to Hide away this Fine Gun !!!

I know the machine as a whole might not be ... Exciting...

but the GUN is your central point of interest !!!

You could always park it for a while..... till the Will to finish it off gets you going again...

Good luck with School !


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