Gans in the rough


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May 4, 2009
Finished this one a while back. Scott suggested that i put it up in here. This is the recently reissued WAVE Gans from the Ma.K model series. Really nice kit with no fit problems at all.
Said it before on BKs forum : Really really classy build HWR. Just beautiful, and so love the dragon fly. 8)
I agree. I love this. Ma.K. is like the perfect combination of armor and sci-fi. So cool. And yeah, the dragon fly sets this presentation apart. Not only does it provide scale but simply makes it all that much more better.
Thats a good looking Gans. Im working on one now with some mods. Ill post pics this week.
Wow. Very great paintjob. Love all those details. And those little chains on its back.

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