Gigant the Fortress in the Sky


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Apr 9, 2012
Building this Aoshima kit.
This is the second attempt of painting, ruined the first painting with Vallejo air brush metal colors.. the layers became too thick. Isoproped it and switched to Tamiya colors. Flat red and some flat black. Tamiya colors are easy to air brush.

Looking dark and sinister now I think.



Next is a layer of clear coat and then washes.
How did you go from the top photo to the bottom photo ?
You over sprayed the first iteration ?
Then brushwork , maybe ?
I see some areas sprayed black initially that are now red .
That's cool. Incidentally, I just watched the final two episodes of Future Boy Conan a few days ago since I had cleaned off the surface of the laserdisc and I wanted to test it because the last time we watched the LD box set, the final episode was unwatchable.

I have this kit as well. It was given to me as a gift when I interviewed at Aoshima in 2015. I got the job and started the next year, but I quit after 8 months because... ugh. Long story. I was one of many. I still like the company and the kits they make though. They've released a few other model kits based on Future Boy Conan, but I haven't bought any.

I saw a video by Mig Jiminez who explained how his Mig paints and Vallejo's are pure acrylic paints while Tamiya's and Creos's acrylics are acrylic lacquers or something and thus need to be airbrushed very differently. You have to dust them very lightly and very slowly build up the color. Maybe that's why you lost detail? I've only used one of these paints once, and it was a pre-thinned Vallejo Air paint. I didn't notice much of a difference, but then again I just used it on some landing gears. In any case, Mig insists that the paints need to be sprayed in a different manner than the Japanese acrylics.
You tried some streaking and then remove it ?
Well , looks cool anyways !
Yes removed it, did not fit the overall look. Quite happy with the color modulation on the ship. Now clean the bench and start next project
I am curious on your first go did you try a pre-bottled Vallejo metal color, or did you add their Metal Medium to another paint?

I really like how the color ended up on this, for what it is worth.

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