Cessna Blurred Dog


May 6, 2009
Here's my 1st attempt at a action scene.
Its a 1/72 scale airfix Cessna Bird Dog.
I cut out the flaps and extended them with sheet styrene, and made tiny brackets for them, Dropped the flaps, deflected the Elevator, mounted it on a paper clip and made a small tail wheel which I then attached to the paper clip.
Made rear aerials attached to the mounting stubs on the horizontal stabilizers.
Added a wing top aerial, which was shaped to show wind resistance.
The gear was made to look like it was hanging, ie no compression, Prop blur's were added to the kit prop hub to simulate rotation. All this was mounted onto a sheet of black acrylic which was rough sanded in the direction of travel and painted with blurred runway numbers, markings and skid marks.

Enjoy. Joolz. ;D

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Hey, the idea with the blurred base isn't too bad. It looks quite great actually. Very well done!
Very cool stuff, I've just ordered a couple of prop blur propellers myself. Your runway is especialy keen. the feeling of motion is very much there.

Nice job.

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