Canadian Leopard 2A6m



This is my attempt to build one of the Leopard 2's that we currently have on loan in Afghanistan.
More info here:

I added belly armor and plate armor with card stock. I still havent gotten the slat armor for it yet, I might not cuz it makes it look like a shopping cart.....


Me too! The dust really looks right. That's a nasty (in a good way) looking tank.
Thats good, I thought I might have gone a bit overboard on that dust. Thx.
Woop woop. That is the best build I've seen yet of our new cats. Looks like it just got back from a week in the field. Kudos.
Ahh, that is nice. The weathering looks quite nice. Is that the new Trumpeter kit or an older kit with a conversion set?
I don't think that is the Hobby Boss kit, likely just the Tamiya 2A6 kit that he added scratchbuilt belly armor to, as the HB kit comes with all the extra armor and such....would be no point in scratchbuilding it, as well the armor on the front of the tank between the lights up to the driver's hatch is different on the HB kit.

Looks good none the less, and probably went together a little better/easier than the HB kit.
Oh man, I didn't get an email for these replies this is like a year ago. To clarify, It's the Tamiya 2A6 kit. I just scratch built the belly armor and frontal armor with cardstock. and yes , it was a dream to build, no fit issues whatsoever.

Sorry guys, not sure why that happend.

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