Borg Cube scratch build

Scott Borg

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Mar 25, 2021
Hello! One of your kind members is guiding me in learning how to use this site so hopefully I am doing this correctly. It's my understanding that this will begin a thread so crossing fingers.
For over two years I have planned to build a large Borg Cube model to hang in my large home theater. About 3 months ago I began this huge project. While i can't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel I can see the opening of the tunnel. The basic structure is complete with its built on texture and now I am building the exterior detail panels (where all the pipes are) that bolt on to hard points at the corners of the main structure. My friend is complaining that I didnt shoot video of me working on it but I cant think of much that would be more boring so the idea of showing stills with commentary seems more logical. I have hundreds of pictures I can share. The final size of the cube will be 18 inches on all sides and the finished weight will be approximately 40 lbs. It's already a beast to move without damaging the texture pieces on the main structure which was built with half inch plywood with much glue and screws and reinforcing. I have installed LED lighting to make the random places of green that shows under the surfaces when we see a cute on Star Trek. It will hang in my theater with small colored flood lights but will also be able to be transported and displayed on a table. A lot of engineering has gone into it and I thot that perhaps others might enjoy seeing the build a little at a time. I am not an expert model maker but I am a perfectionist and once I have a goal in mind I work toward that goal. Again I would love any advice because I don't yet know the ins and outs of this site but i'm sure I will learn as I go. I will upload one or two pictures now showing the basic cube being glued together in my workshop. Hope it shows up ok. Thanks for any help! Scott


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That's a super-duty starting point ! :D
Eager to see more of what you've completed .

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