AMT Klingon Bird of Prey....COMPLETED! Q'PLAH

May 13, 2009
well, this one is still sitting on my work bench..not from neglect..well..a little.
This is also my first kit with lights so..I'm just trying to wrap my mind around electricity and to attempt to give my girlfriend peace of mind that she's not going to find me as a flashing skeleton hanging on to some jumper cables.

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Gotta love the painting on that bird, the lighting is looking great aswell.(I still haven't plucked up the courage to try n light something)

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Looks real good so far,
I love that paintjob, still got the flow pal.
The lights looks good too.
That KBOP is gonna look so awesome once you're finished.
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Oh Yeah the paint is very cool. How did you achieve that please?
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igor57 said:
Oh Yeah the paint is very cool. How did you achieve that please?

You was amazingly simple. I used a Testor Model Master Car color called Citrus Yellow. I'd have to go dig it up in the garage to get the official color code for it. But it's a nice light green iridescent shade.
On top of that I'm using a Metallic craft acrylic paint that's about a buck. Before I'm done, I'll take a snapshot of the colors, but's mostly a wash of water based grimy black and tamiya's metallic grey.
and I know...taking pics at four in the morning with no flash is not the best way to showcase your model..but here's another WIP shot..the color is a little better so you can see the shade.
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This first video was done about a week or so before I went out on vacation. Then a week after I got back I decided to jump back on the Bird of Prey and my wiring went wonky. But here it was in all it's glory before the mishap with the lighting.


So, I heard about this thing called trial and error.

Well, I have erred. And erred well. I haven't sealed the casket on this one, But i will take a bigger break than anticipated with this one.
I'll be starting work on my big grandmother the 350 scale Enterprise Refit in the meantime.
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As you say it's all about trial and error and there's a learning curve in all aspects of modelmaking so just learn from you're mistakes and improve the next time. Personally I think it looked great and am looking forward to seeing it finished. I was going to ask if you planned on lighting the engine but running lights on their own look good and whatever you do, don't be disheartened but persevere and keep going till the jobs done and you'll be proud of what you've accomplished and you'll also get a lot of people here telling you what a great job you've done.
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Best of luck Fixing the BOP !

Use this Website to Help you with Wiring LED's

I found this place very very helpful... I am sure others will to !

Don't leave the Bird in the Box too long or it might never Resurface !
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Don't give up. The lighting looked great, the wings looked fabulous (and so did the rest of the paint). One thing I really like about modelling, is more often than not you can fix a screw-up, it just takes time, patience and sometimes money :) .
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Awww, You guys are pumping me up for this one again.

I actually got some new replace the ones I chewed out in anger...a renewed sense of optimism and a lot of free time this weekend may be all I need to get this one done.

I need to finish this one off before I even try to throw some lights into the two big 1/350 refits I've got. And then there's the Speeder Bike rally race diorama I have on the bench as well...picked out a nice piece of wood to be the fallen tree...anyway, I'm digressing a bit already.

The Bird of Prey will fly once again, and I should have new pics for you by the end of the week.
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Super-cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.
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The goal is completion, NOT perfection, right??

Well, I got my bird of prey wired up again and almost ready.

This weekend, I told my girlfriend I would clean the house while she left for work on a saturday, but this is what I did instead.

I still have to get the wiring all soldered together, But I'm not going to push it too quickly and end up in the same boat as before.
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That's great work. Glad you decided to keep working on it. I can't tell where it was pryed apart and reassembled.

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