AK Interactive Enamel washes - 3 Questions


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Jan 6, 2024
I've been having mixed (mostly not great) results using AK Interactive enamel washes and therefore would appreciate some information from anyone who might be happy with them in case I am doing something incorrectly.
  1. Are we sure they should be used straight from the bottle? I am asking because even though they are well shaken and the surface is coated with Satin varnish I cannot say I am seeing the "capillary action" I've been seeing in all the videos on YT. To achieve some I need to drown the brush in the bottle before touching the surface which looks like way too much.
  2. How long do you wait before you can remove the excess wash. I know it depends on various factors like temperature, humidity etc. But I would like to know a ballpark figure. Are we talking about 30 min, a couple of hours or like 24 hours?
  3. To remove the excess, can you use something dry like a cotton bud or soft cloth or you need to make use of AK's respective white spirit?
Thanks in advance
So, here is the rumor I heard. And this is the way I use the Tamiya panel line wash. I did not believe it until I tried it. If you are using water based acrylics... put the panel liner right on the acrylic paint *before* putting a varnish on. Let the acrylic paint cure for 24 hours. I have not tried this with AK enamels, so try it on a paint mule. I was surprised by how well it worked with the Tamiya enamel panel liner. As far as removing the extra wash, I say 30 minutes unless you live in Ireland or something :)
the surface is coated with Satin varnish
This may be part of your problem. Flat and satin finishes have a lot of bumps, humps, nooks, and crannies. That scatters the light and gives the surface its flat or satin appearance. Gloss is smooth, and reflects light back towards the viewer, giving a shiny appearance. The surface finish also factors in regarding how liquid flows across its surface. A flat or satin finish will want to grab and hold the liquid, while a gloss finish will allow the liquid to flow smoothly. Try using a gloss varnish. I think you'll have better results regarding the flow of the wash over the surface.

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