Academy 1/48 T-33 Shooting Star AKA "CT-133 Silver Star"



Well, This was an aircraft I had always loved growing up in my home town of Brandon Manitoba. Our airport used to be an RCAF "Commonwealth Air traning plan " Base during the war.

My great grandparents billeted many brits, australians and fellow canucks over the course of the war as the barracks were always crowded.

I worked there as a summer student for a couple years there and was able to take part in a restoration of a "tiger Moth". I have many memories there including driving past that old CT-133 "Silver Star" that guards the entrance.

I told the wife a year ago that if I ever found a 1/48 scale T-33 I would grab it no matter what the finances were like at that time... She was warned...
I found one this summer.

I am endevoring to do the same markings but, it's been a challenge because noone make decals for it and there is not much info on the aircraft but after
many emails to the city and museum I found out it was from 408 Squadron out of Edmonton

These are my only referance photos.



Here's the kit, I broke down and got a verlinden update kit and some intakes from KMC.





I got a start on things this weekend..






I added some rivet details to my panel lines with my new Trumpeter rivet wheel.


I have some more time tonight so I'll get at her.

I got her ready for paint.I had to really battle with the wing roots and unfortunately they still aren't great but, I have to keep movin.


I gave her a coat of gloss black, let it dry 24 hrs and then hit her with Alclad chrome.


I used the whole bottle, now she's REALLY shiny.
Here's the official paint scheme.


I made some 408 SQN decals with Adobe which turned out great.
Fantastic. This is going to look great when you’re done.
I’ve never used the ALclad, do you thin it with anything before airbrushing it?
JMac said:
Fantastic. This is going to look great when you’re done.
I’ve never used the ALclad, do you thin it with anything before airbrushing it?

No, You can't thin Alclads.They are like water as it is, I really wouldn't call it a "paint" It's more like
a metal plating agent. You just keep going over the model and gradually building it up and it dries almost instantly.

Here's some more pics after the red is on and some post shading. 1 coat of future was applied with a soft brush.



It just keeps getting better. Great job. :)

Thanks for the Alclad answer. Really looking forward to seeing some more picture wen you finish up. I love the Canadian subject.
Very nice! I too like to build aircraft that we use/used but I've yet to tackle a CT-133. But back to your build there, that thing looks awesome! :eek: And I have to look into making my own decals, as you did, probably way easier than trying to hunt down proper a/m decals.
Cheers, Dennis
looking forward to more pictures when the tape comes off...
Nice !!! Very Nice in deed ! back in the days !!! this was one of my favorite Airplane ! next to the VooDoo

Very cool paint scheme ! and nice going on the decals...

Can't wait to see her .. Done !

Bravo Zulu !

This is an inspiring build. Thank you. After seeing this, I am going down to the man cave to fiddle with some plastic.

I am going to have to take a break from this build as I have to get the Lanc done before Christmas, Times a Tickin!

I ran out of printer ink AND decal paper so I just can't give it a final "push".

On the bright side I'll pick it up again in Jan. and there will be more pics of the Lancaster on the way ;D

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