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May 30, 2009
hi all...

new to the forum and finally back as a modelbuilder... when i was a kid i used to do tons of 1/72 scale aircrafts and then at some point i just seems to have forgotten about modeling. maybe it had something to do with girls and beer... ;)
now i picked up on my old hobby after 20 years and bought my self an airbrush... :) and this time it seems like all i wanna do is 1/35 afv's... this is the first model i have done... it's my first try with the airbrush and it's my first weathering job ever... check it out...










Hey, welcome! That looks really great. Seems like you haven't unlearned anything from back then. Also you seem to master the airbrush quite well already. Oh and the photography. :D
That's a seriously good model there. It's hard to believe it's your first in 20 years! Nice photography too.
Hi svinehunden ;D
Very strong build and finish for your 1st for 20 yrs, let alone using the airbrush for the 1st time :eek:
My Goodness! That is very awesome! I just listed my plane (1st build in 24 years) and it doesn't even come close to your build! Great build and welcome to the Herd! :eek:
Atomicdog said:
Great build and welcome to the Herd!

cheers mate...

i just bought these israeli soldiers yesterday... i've been on the look out for some soldiers to go with the jeep but israelian troops are hard to come by...


they're nowhere near what i wanted tho but i figured i could modify some american troops using this kit... i want a radio operator...
Hey welcome back!
Man, that is one sweet build! Has me considering a 20 year lay off if I could come back like that!
I am totally new to armour so please take this question as a sign of my ignorance of how vehicles work. The green ammo can (?) on the fender and for that matter, all boxes and storage on vehicles, how the heck does stuff stay there? Don't vehicles bounce about a lot? I see pics of tanks with food boxes and bedrolls etc, but I don't know how it stays there. My brother went to KFC for a bucket of take out and didn't drive a block before it fell off the roof of the car. (he tends to be absent minded some times) How does a box of bullets stay put while driving about during combat?
Gary said:
How does a box of bullets stay put while driving about during combat?

LOL i've been wondering about that myself... but i dont know... a box of ammo must be kinda heavy but i don't know...
A full ammo can weighs alot. Same with a box of water or food. Tanks also bounce alot less than you think. During normal manouvers they rarely get above 25MPH in most cases. Bags and packs are normally well secured using their straps and such. It is also a common thing to see bungee cord or a spider net spread over a load while the tank is in motion. If the ammo can or storage bin is common to all vehicles its most likely bolted on through the bottom. So with the lid on you wouldnt see the attachment bolts.

If anything does get lost it can be easily replaced believe it or not. Thats why theres a supply system ;D
That Looks Mighty Nice dude !!!!

Awesome job !

only needs the MAP case on the Hood and it would be Canon !

But never mind that.... You sure came back to the Hobby with a Bang !
Well Bungee Cords or Heavy duty Straps ! and don't forget the Infamous "TIE DOWN loop" ( Loopman ) which are bolted down or screwed down all over AFV vehicles... and sadly!!! Poorly Duplicated on many models.. due to their small size ... Photo Etch Loopman comes in various size and gauge ! and Really Boost the 3D effect and you can use them to Tie down with Fine stips of Tape to simulate the STRAPS.

Take care !!!

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