6 hour build


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May 7, 2009
Hey guys,
I want to do a 6 hour build for our local club, where you take a fairly simple kit and you build and complete it in 6 hours. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm looking for kit ideas, how to organize it etc..
Any help would be appreciated.
Maaan...6 hours?!?
mmmhhh...it depends on the result you want to achieve.
The fastest model I made, if model can be called, was the hasegawa EGG plane for the eggztravaganza contest here at SMA but I manage to make it in 8 hours.
I believe you have to cut some essential processes you are used to do when "normally" modelling.
I'm gonna link you an article which is very impressive and that can help you out a bit.
Basically if you want to maintain your usual "way of doing models" the fastest time I've seen is 24 hours. Take a look at here:


It is a 72nd model scale, a super Fw190...and also beautifully made I think (at least for a 24 hours effort)...
Here he uses every technique but actually optimize every single process to obtain the max in the min time.
Have a look and let me know!

How about trying Polar Lights 1:1000 TOS Enterprise? Low parts count, paint scheme is basically one colour...

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