1st tank in 25 yrs 1/35 Panther G (Late)


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May 19, 2009
Took me about a year to get it finished, learned lots from this one! I drilled out the ends of the tow cables and replaced the cables with picture hanging wire, the antenna is a piece of guitar string and I used some fine screen to make the intake cover grilles on the rear deck. And it was also my 1st set of a/m tracks, I used a set of Friulmodel links. I was trying to get the look of a newer unit just arriving at the front so I kept the weathering to a minimum, just some wet mud and grass on the bottom side. The model has since been placed on a base where it is on a dirt road.
Any tips to help me make the next one better?
Thanks, Dennis



Cool. Seems you have not unlearned anything all those years. Looks very great.
very nice, I like the colours! The weathering is very appropriate , nice job! 8)

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