1/8 scale Tachibana Ichika from "Uta Kata"


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Jun 16, 2009
A small 1/8 figure of Tachibana Ichika from the 2004 anime TV series "Uta Kata." The kit itself is resin, sculpted by Keiko and released through Kurushima. Sixteen parts make up the kit. I wound up filling and sanding some of the parts in order to eliminate some of the adornments. Otherwise she sort of appeared to be a cross between Pocahontas and Cleopatra in some Hollywood production. The original sculpt is pictured last.

Unfortunately, the finished product does not stand on its own and needs to be mounted/pegged to a base. I plan to make a diorama for her soon...hopefully soon! :D

a hui hou, (until we meet again)

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Yes, I did use an airbrush for the flesh the clothes and hair. I tend to paint the face with a "trembling hand" for fear of totally messing it up. Nothing worse then having the eyes look the wrong way -or at each other.

Really great work. I am currently practicing with an airbrush myself and I am still wondering how you did those veery subtle differences in color. Very nice.
The subtle differences are done by starting with a base color; this is the darkest color to be used. For the flesh I used a mixture of Titanium White, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna and a small drop of Raspberry (Magenta). After shooting this base color, I saved some in case of mistakes and added some white to the remainder to make a lighter shade. This was then sprayed over the model -except in the very recessed areas. More white was added in small amounts -creating lighter shades each time- and sprayed over the surface. Each time more white is added, a smaller portion of the raised areas on the kit was highlighted.

I would say that the number of shades from the darkest base to the lightest highlight color was about five.

Just make sure you lower air pressure when highlighting the kit.

a hui hou,
awesome! totally awesome I love the anime figure kits. good job. amazing paint!

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