1/8 Kashiwagi Tizuru (classroom diorama)


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Jun 16, 2009
This 1/8 Kashiwagi Tizuru character from the series "Kizuato" is the second one of its kind that was put together. I no longer am in possession of this kit as it was a gift for someone. I will try to photograph the other kit and diorama....its somewhere in the house.

Basically this is supposed to be a classroom diorama. The base is made from a piece of pine board overlaid with strips of balsa wood. The base was them stained with Colonial Maple and intermittently touched with Jacobean. (Both stain colors are from MinWax) It was then sealed with a satin polyurethane to simulate wear.

The desk was created from balsa using pictures of old models from a half-century ago. It was stained with Walnut to set it apart from the floor color.

The bag was sewn together from brown remnants and a thin bias for the straps.

The wall is a large piece of florist foam that was cut, sealed with glue/water, and primed white.

The chalkboard is a piece of hardboard from the scrap bin at the local hardware/garden shop that was spray painted flat black and bordered with strips of balsa -including the chalk railing.

The folder was made from scrapbook paper, and the yellow binder is a Re-Ment item. The chalk pieces were created from Milliput that was simply rolled, cut and allowed to cure.

The pencil is a sanded and painted round toothpick, while the chalk dust is from white pastel applied with a well-used brush.

Lastly, the writing on the board is made with a white colored pencil. Hey, the trig proof is correct too! :)

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Hey, I'm having trouble with the pics here too. This is what your topic looks like to me:


Sounds good though!
Chas ;)
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OK, I made an account with photobucket. Here is the URL below, I hope this works.

Re: 1/8 Kashiwagi Tizuru

Thanks, excellent little scenes there. Great scratch building.

The chalk board looks very realistic, great work.

Re: 1/8 Kashiwagi Tizuru

Haha. Nice! I like those little pieces of chalk. Great scratchbuilding skills, you have there.

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