1/72 F-102A-Meng

I have built the Revell kit many times, wanted something newer mold, that's getting long in the tooth. A lot don't like the outsy instead of insy panel lines. They sand off when you putty and you WILL putty with Revelllogram kits!
I have done many Revell kits and done minimal puttying on most of them. And I have no issues with raised panel lines. My thing is how accurate is the kit? If I have to do extra work or buy aftermarket correction kits, then the newer stuff isnt worth it IMO. For instance, the F-100. The Monogram kit is superior to the newer Trumpeter as the Trumpeter intake is dead wrong. You want the correct shape, you have to get a correction nose. The Monogram is spot on. So, it has raised panel lines. Meh. Not a big deal IMO.

Another prime example is the Revell f-15E. No raised panel lines, BUT, it is the most accurate of all the 48 Es out there. Yes, its an earlier E, but its accurate. Academy, GWH, Hasegawa all have accuracy issues. And the fit on the Revell is great.

But anyway, looking forward to seeing how the rest of this one goes.
Yup spot for 1/48 BUT I am building 1/72 F-102 and want an F-106 in 1/72. No room for those big jets in my little display case.
Ah, dont know about the 72. I tend not to mess with fighters in that scale, though I will do a few here and there. 72 and 144 are reserved for the big boys for me.
The gray paint is done. I still need to spray the exhaust area around the tail. There are some unique sprue connection points on the gear doors.
Dagger 28.JPGDagger 30.JPGDagger 27.JPG
The area below the tail around the burner can has been painted a bright gun metal color.
Dagger 31.JPGDagger 32.JPG
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