1/6 Hoshino Ruri yukata -summer kimono (japanese house entrance)


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Jun 16, 2009
This is another one that was a gift and is no longer with me. The kit was a large 1/6 scale version of Hoshino Ruri from the series "Nadesico." It came with two options for the hair -pig tails or the bangs version seen here. The kimono had etched flower patterns that were puttied and sanded. With trembling hands, I later decided to add a small black bamboo design.

The base was formed from plaster of paris, lightly carved, primed white and stained with acrylic paint washes that were dabbed on with a sponge and quickly dabbed off with a paper towel. Small sections were worked at a time to avoid hard lines from drying washes.

Scenic powders and white ballast were added. The wooden shoes were made of balsa and dark blue or black bias The sliding door to the house was also made of balsa and plain white acid-free paper. The house itself is only a few inches deep. My buddies added a "mini" friend in the background to some of the shots.

Pics also in photobucket below:

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Re: 1/6 Hoshino Ruri yukata (summer kimono)

Haha, Minime! What a great little camo! Well done. :D

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