1/3 Fujisaki Shiori (outdoor shower)


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Jun 16, 2009
This kit is the epitome of "The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat." At 1/3 scale this Bome sculpted figure was easy to prep, putty, sand and paint. Finding diorama parts to fit were also easier to find. The result was a simple diorama that was to resemble an outdoor beach shower. Inside the shower head was a small light that was connected to a switch in the back of the wall. It was pretty cool to see in the dark.

Unfortunately this kit was not without problems. I accidentally drilled through the top of her foot and took a lot of time to repair and blend colors. The walls were made from cell foam that was filled with either Bondo or Durham's Water Putty. Both walls have since broken off and are beyond repair. All that is left is the base made from plaster of paris. :(

The neck of the shower was made from copper tubes which were heated, bent, primed and detailed. The shower head was made from the end of a Tombow brand ball point pen similar to one pictured below.(pic 2) Faucet fixture is a small pinwheel shaped bead.

Photo also at this locale:

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Re: 1/3 Fujisaki Shiori

Awww, how did you lose the walls? Earth quake? I know, a rouge band of 1/3 scale young male houdlums crashed the scene and tried to make off with the girl but were only able to knock down the wall.
Re: 1/3 Fujisaki Shiori

I was transporting the piece and the wall broke away from the base, I managed to re-attach it but the wall later broke in half -horizontally.

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