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  1. morethandanorm

    ERTL Millenium Falcon accurised on a budget

    Hey, thanks for your comments. Yes I do have more pics. Basically took one or ten of every phase of the prodject. I'm not sure how many pics I can post for each topic. But maybe a couple more won't hurt? ;)
  2. morethandanorm

    ERTL Millenium Falcon accurised on a budget

    This was my contest entry. I had some issues come up and couldn't finish on time. I had wanted to do this for years. The contest finally inspired me to. I wanted to do the led lighting and I wanted to be able to hang it in flight. Plus i have yet to see a lit up falcon thats not on a stand. I...
  3. morethandanorm

    Master replicas y- wing redo

    WOW! The detail is incredible! Thats a really nice peace. :D
  4. morethandanorm


    Re: My falcons updates. Theres light at the end of the ....... I was concerned about how heavy it was as well. Then what I would hang it with. I got some 10lb test fishing line and with for strands evenly placed it seams to be fine. Its not done yet , but we'll see. :)
  5. morethandanorm


    On the 28th I got into a hurry and blew out all the leds for the engines. Just my luck the electronics stores around town happen to be all out of that type. I had a friend in the sign buisiness that gave me a few. The problem was that they wouldn't be able to run off the power source I had. So...
  6. morethandanorm

    1994 NASCAR Thunderbird Bill Elliott's THUNDERBAT

    Hey Dog! Congrats, you made the gallery! The nascar looks great!
  7. morethandanorm

    delete this post

    Delete this post
  8. morethandanorm

    Star Trek Klingon D7 Battlecruiser

    Hey Dog! Nice build. How many is that now? only 200 or so more to go! Ha! Ha!
  9. morethandanorm

    ERTL Falcon poor boy accurizing, Pics are back. oops!

    I have had some ideas for a long time on how I could get my Falcon more accurate without the cost. I've drooled over John Boswells' Falcon for a while. I have the same opinions of this kit as he explains on Starship Modeler. The sides are too tall, Cockpit is not accurate, Gun turrets are...
  10. morethandanorm

    Newbie YouTuber: 1/48th X-Wing and Ma.K Fliege

    Nice job bro! You did a graet job on R-2 as well. That seems to be one of the harder parts for me. Look forward to more from ya!
  11. morethandanorm

    Here is a tiny 1:72 scale UH-IC Gunship

    Here are some as its built pics. [attachment deleted by admin]
  12. morethandanorm

    Scratchbulding a Banshee (Wing Commander IV)

    Nice job! Thats gotta take a great imagination to just make it yourself. Looking forward to the finished product!
  13. morethandanorm

    Revell Colonial Viper Build-up

    Awsome idea with lighting the helmet! My viper won't have anything on yours! Can't wait to see it completed.
  14. morethandanorm

    USS Arizona 1/426th Scale My 1st boat!

    Hey , you really did finish it! Looks great
  15. morethandanorm

    F6F Hellcat 1/48th Scale

    Hey Dog! The Cat looks good! Hows that Sr-71 going? You've got your work cut out for ya! ;D
  16. morethandanorm

    1/6 scale ghostbusters.. this is kinda a model isnt it? it is in scale...

    WoW! Those are awsome! I've never seen them before. They've gotta be rare!
  17. morethandanorm

    Here ya go, Here are some of my star wars builds.

    ;D Thanks for looking at these. I do have more and will also put them up soon. This has inspired me to finish a couple others and repair the rest He He! Thanks again! " Nothing better than a good blaster at your side" Who's line is that? And What movie?
  18. morethandanorm

    Here ya go, Here are some of my star wars builds.

  19. morethandanorm

    Doing Scii- Fi For a little too long

    I had a long period of nothing but Star Wars builds. I decided to get back to some more realistic ones. Heres the first one on the bench. [attachment deleted by admin]