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  1. Blitzspear

    King Tiger group build?

    Wow these dios are looking fantastic guys i'm blown away by what your doing. The creativity in the sets is amazing. blitz ps sorry i aint been around in a while been uber busy with err stuff.
  2. Blitzspear

    King Tiger group build?

    BB that dios of the scale mate love it!!! and Mac making that brick road way is awesome just wish i knew what spackle was ??? This is shaping up to be a fantastic group build. have to admit i nearly caved in and joined in with this a few weeks ago but have resisted (just no space or time)...
  3. Blitzspear

    1:144 RX-77D Guncannon "Mass Production Type" (this one -does- fly in space...)

    Looking good, i like those new hands and your right the feet look to err narrow and a bit dainty compered to the lower leg. Blitz
  4. Blitzspear

    Scratchbulding a Banshee (Wing Commander IV)

    Outstanding work elend. Those blasters and the details in teh cockpit are excellent. Blitz
  5. Blitzspear

    Scratchbulding a Banshee (Wing Commander IV)

    That's looking great elend, your fine details in the second pic are very nice mate keep them updates coming. blitz
  6. Blitzspear

    Hello everybody!

    You make custom action figures! now that is cool and welcome along. blitz
  7. Blitzspear

    Hello from Kingston Ontario !!!

    Hi Schwinehund227 nice to see you over here and nice to see your excellent scout trooper dios again. Blitz
  8. Blitzspear

    Junk Build

    Thanks all, i will get around to another one of these soonish ;D And whilst on the subject of Stalk Tanks here's a link to a proper one based on the only illustration i've seen of a Stalk Tank. This is by Dave Taylor a VERY talented modeler. Third pic down...
  9. Blitzspear

    Fast Recon ship

    Hi all, here is something I'm working on for a group build. It's going to be a fast recon ship type thing ;) It's mostly skip finds for the main body and household junk to begin with but i have started greeblying the sides as I'm changing the upper front section after a stir through my bits...
  10. Blitzspear

    Astronaut in 1/20 scale

    It has it's good sides and bad sides, the best thing about it is you can put it down and forget about it then come back to it and resculpt stuff that don't work after seeing it with fresh eyes. Got to get back to my sculpting again soon b4 i forget what i was trying to produce :D blitz
  11. Blitzspear

    Scratchbulding a Banshee (Wing Commander IV)

    Yep much nicer looking elend. But conversely you now know how to make a great looking missile pod for a future scratch build ;D blitz
  12. Blitzspear


    Welcome along to you CC and everyone else in the posts below i would have said Hi to all but shock! horror ! I've actually been building some models instead of surfing for a change :o Glad ya have decided to get back into the hobby, it was the best thing i did in 07. blitz
  13. Blitzspear

    The Xwing Fighter

    Hope it helps and also i will be getting myself a palm sander on Saturday after your tip about using them, got lots of sanding to do and funnily enough the first victim will be the S foils on my X wing build ;D blitz
  14. Blitzspear

    War of the Worlds Tripod (2005 Speilberg)

    That's fantastic work, I've never seen this kit before and didn't know Randy Cooper did anything like this. Please tell us how you get on in the comp. blitz
  15. Blitzspear

    Here ya go, Here are some of my star wars builds.

    Great collection! lets see more. blitz
  16. Blitzspear

    Scratchbulding a Banshee (Wing Commander IV)

    That's looking great elend I really like what your doing with the cockpit, I to am going for the stuffed cockpit look on my latest junk bash thing. blitz
  17. Blitzspear

    The Xwing Fighter

    Great vids Scott, well i watched return first then had to give up as spring watch is on and the pc's speakers can't compete with the TVs (dang kids). I,ve got a tip for ya also! i see that you covered the hole x wing in tape (blue,i use the same) but instead of doing that just mask up to the...
  18. Blitzspear

    Whadda ya readin'?

    I'm reading Tales of Heresy, short stories that ties in with main Horus heresy novels from the Black Library WH40K. And also Wheels of Terror (Fave chapter Close combat in tanks)for the umpteenth time and next will be a 3 books in one about Vikings (gotta love Vikings) After that i may be in the...
  19. Blitzspear

    The Army of Frederick the Great

    Mine too ;D I remember reading an article about American and the uniforms where very much the same as barons are and It has to be the civil war as there was pics of them. I think they were from New York and dressed in black with silver details for the officers and white for the enlisted men...
  20. Blitzspear

    C3PO Rebuild.

    Great job on the lit eyes and the weathering of the err nipple area ::) blitz