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  1. Chas

    Your most wanted ship Kit...

    Always wanted to make the old Airfix sea rescue boat... nice and easy, no rigging! Perhaps a Battle of Britain diorama. I'd make a model of the aircraft shot down in the channel by my great uncle Cecil.
  2. Chas

    A song for the victory. 1943 Near Moscu.

    Great story telling!
  3. Chas

    My First Time-Sculpting a goose in 54mm

    You got the limp look just right mate! Looks great.
  4. Chas

    Mr Girvan pick up the white courtesy phone. . . .

    Whatever stresses you are under, I'm praying that they will pass soon and you can get back to your hobbies. Take care mate.
  5. Chas

    Hello! Announcement!

    Best wishes for success Macca.
  6. Chas

    1:35 Pointe-du-Hoc diorama FOR SALE!

    Bank account is under some stress so I need to sell this diorama which I completed about a year ago. You can view the build log over on Armorama. If anybody is interested, send me...
  7. Chas

    Mr Girvan pick up the white courtesy phone. . . .

    He's abandoning us! Look, he's even selling his camera on ebay! lol ;D
  8. Chas

    Panzer Jager

    Hey based on that picture I would have thought the easiest option would be to buy some grass mats: Or...
  9. Chas

    Scott has a Double on YouTube !!! Really !

    Super weird!
  10. Chas

    King Tiger group build?

    You are doing an excellent job with that diorama thus far Joolz. Remember you are going to need a lot of rubble around those buildings! Chas :)
  11. Chas

    Bottomless Thinner Jar

    That is so fantastic! I'm going to make one tomorrow during my modelling sesh. Thanks! :)
  12. Chas

    King Tiger group build?

    Great planning Joolz. Should be a very nicely executed dio. Chas ;)
  13. Chas

    Basics for Lighting Models from the ground up

    Excellent topic! What a great resource! Thanks for sharing! Chas ;)
  14. Chas

    Summer Doldrums

    I haven't done any modelling in perhaps 2 months. :'( School and study. It's horrible. :'( :'( :'(
  15. Chas

    When does Season 2 begin!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

    Looking forward to it very muchly. Chas :D
  16. Chas

    1st tank in 25 yrs 1/35 Panther G (Late)

    Impressive, great mud and grot texture on the roadwheels. Chas
  17. Chas

    Mad Max Style Mustang II

    Wow, that looks real beaten up! Love the shrivelled paint... looks like it has been torched or driven through a few fireballs in its time. Chas
  18. Chas

    Not another Red 5!!!

    Excellent work, that is one dirty machine. The base looks a little clean, perhaps dirty it to the same degree as the Red 5 and it will look better. Haha! Here in Australia, this is the normal way to write the date.
  19. Chas

    Wanted: 1/72 MIG 17

    Sorry mate, no such kit exists in my stash... Chas :'(
  20. Chas

    Singapore 1942 diorama

    Thanks so much JMac and elend. It's my pleasure to entertain. As for progress, I probably won't get much done over the next few months, due to study and work. Come our summer time here in Oz, I'll be back swinging with my modelling mojo. Sorry... :'( Chas