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    M45 Pershing

    I built a 1:35th scale M45 Pershing back in 2002. If there's anything on my website that can help you - here's a link: GunTruck Studios - M45 Pershing Jim
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    Tasca M4A1 Sherman Shelf Queen

    Sorry to see the Tracks split on you. One of my favorite kits, Tasca Shermans are beautiful.
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    Super Sherman M4A1E8 (HVSS) 90mm Gun Combat Tank

    I'm going to join this Group Build with a long-time want of mine. I'm going to put together a M4A1 Sherman with HVSS Suspension armed with a shortened barrel (44 caliber from 56 caliber as used on the M26 Pershing) 90mm gun placed into a T23 Turret. Unfortunately, I don't have even a drawing...
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    another vallejo question

    If you're still looking for alternatives... I shoot Vallejo through my Iwata NEO airbrush cut with water. For cleanup, I use Denatured Alcohol. In a pinch, I've also used ModelMaster Acryl Cleaner and Medea Airbrush Cleaner with equal results. Shooting through the Iwata NEO depends on a very...
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    Dodge WC-62 1 1/2-ton Squad Personnel Carrier

    Thank you all! :)
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    Dodge WC-62 1 1/2-ton Squad Personnel Carrier

    I finished this one over the weekend. It's Skybow's excellent kit, and one of several Dodge Trucks I'm working on to round out a personal collection of all the T-214 variants. Hope you like. (This is my first SMA Forum post with photos - if I didn't add the right size and number, let...
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    M18 Hellcat

    Ditto - I think you have a very nice finish there.
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    My 1st Tank... The Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog.

    Very nice job! The Walker Bull Dog is my all-time favorite tank. Tamiya's is an oldie, but can certainly be worked into a goodie with a little extra effort. I had a lot of fun with the one I built. Excellent choice in picking this one for your first tank model.
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    Legacy Era Sith Fury-class Starfighter Masters!

    Those look great! I'd love to see a finished version.
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    Hello SMA Forum Members

    Thank you all! Ken - yes, I'm still interested. I'll shoot you an email. Jim
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    Hello SMA Forum Members

    New member here, Jim, I prefer. No long preamble for an introduction. Just happy to be around. I love Science Fiction and AFV Modeling subjects.