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    DUKW sea diorama

    Wow, man :D Supercool, it looks like a 3D picture. Very good, love the simplicity, it really adds IMHO a lot of "kinetics" to the scene. Very cool, very good, thanks for sharing :D Cheers Jelly
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    1/350 IJN "AKAGI"

    Incredible, terriffic work there, "Comfort" Just alone the PE job, seems a titanic work. A solid proof of will & skill. By the way, the model kit seems to be superb, right? some time ago I saw a Youtube video that was uploaded by a guy who had built the same model, and it was impressive too...
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    Issue 5..some issues

    Good morning :) :) "Talens", I´m not able to see any issue being you (IMHO) a polite, well mannered, and empathetic user. You were even offering your help with future translations. And if I´m not wrong, apart from being a user of the site, you are a costumer who spends $ here, right? :)...
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    Where did the new in the stash thread go?

    Assumable casualties - just go on :-*
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    Dio Scene from Andrey Tarkowsky’s Stalker (1979) 1/35

    Very good job there! :) And very rare to find some who has seen at least one of Tarkovskys films !! ;) Cheers Chaos, KUTGW Jelly
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    1/72 Pz.III AUSF J

    Hi there, a good collection, Opannes, Its cool to watch you working at the bench, Later :) Jelly
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    The Remora

    John, this project is really nice, :) I didn´t knew this modelmakers firm, but it seems absolutely creative, brings a lot of opportunities, being in 1:35 opens a lot of field to play with... ... cool, fresh, man Cheers :) Jelly
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    C4I tank (started in the "Dawn of the Apocalypse" contest) ... COMPLETED!

    :) Oh :) Sincerely, thank you very very much for your time & comments, guys, they are really modelling-morale boosting, See you around ;) Jelly
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    BA-3 'White Russian' diorama

    :) Love this project , the BA-3 looks really "Sovietic", and the idea of the vodka-obsession seems pretty appropriated to me, I think that the results will be very cool... GW! Cheers :) Jelly
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    The Prototype - abusing a Sherman

    Very cool... I suppose that you intend to represent more or less a Death Korps of Krieg environment, more or less?? I find it 100% OK GW! :) Cheers Jelly
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    C4I tank (started in the "Dawn of the Apocalypse" contest) ... COMPLETED!

    Completed! :P This slow & busy modeller that I am, has finally been able to declare as “finished” the sci-fi C4I tank that was shown in the past “Dawn of the Apocalypse” contest… Not a lot of pics … but well… new aerials added, plus decals, a light weathering, and at the end I...
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    Iron Man Mk17 "Heartbreaker" for 2014 BSC

    :D Really nice, Mr. Q, really nice... it seems metal, really ! Cheers Jelly
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    my little dio

    Ooooh... (russian accent ---> ) "I follow you now" ;) I was looking all the time in the "Diorama" section :-[ ... that explains why I was unable to locate your project ;D Ok, ok, don´t be cruel, right? give these Western World GIs a chance ! ;D Later noname ;) RGR
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    Was North Africa hot...or not??

    North Africa, can be very hot and "very" cold. It is not also a matter of altitude (of course it is very relevant), by experience, in plain areas it depends a lot to the distance to sea. Heat can reach perfectly 45ºC in summer (even more some times), Cold can reach perfectly temps...
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    Dingo Farm Hand

    :) Hi there my friend, Very original idea, man... but... have you ever tought about how much fuel drinks that coffee maker (liters-per-mile) ?? ;D Cool one, noname :) Cheers Jelly