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    Help.....San Giorgio

    I have a request from a friend in the computer games mod making world, he is trying to find as much info on the Italian Heavy Cruiser San Giorgio e.g. photos, dimensions or better yet a set of blue prints. So far he has found very little of use and asked me if i knew anyone that could help point...
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    Word Bearers Land Raider

    Hi all. Been a while since I last posted but thought i'd share my current project and ask for some advice to boot! I know this isn't really what this forum normally has but it is a tank and so I figured its better here than in the sci-fi forum but if needed feel free to move it. For those...
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    Thanks for the tips guys, i particularly like the ball bearing idea, just wondering if i can find some. Err paint cups vent? Not sure if my brush has one, but i will look into it, thanks. I did use drying retarder, should it be a gel? I know the bottle is new from a store but i suppose it...
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    Cheers for the help mate, its been driving me crazy.....with all this shaking bottles i just hope to god no one has seen me through the window, heaven knows what they must think im doing! lol This is the first time i've really used Game Color, i've used Model Air mostly through the AB, so i...
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    Vallejo Thinner and Model Color question

    Oh wow i just posted a similar problem to this, but im still using the old white thinner and game color. I was trying a 50/50 mix but im total newb and paint mixing. Thanks for the advice maybe it'll help me too. Good luck. TTFN Matt
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    Hi I am currently working on painting a tank and im trying to use Vallejo game color through my airbrush but im having real problems with it clogging on the needle and bottom of the cup. I normally only use my AB for undercoating, and i use the Vallejo Air undercoats without any problems, so...
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    troll and ogre fig's

    Nice tones....what model range are these? TTFN
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    New SM minis WIP

    All finished....quite pleased as these are my first real attempt at skin tones. Lots of room for improvement though lol Next up is another combat squad to bulk out the first unit then onto some Sternguard and Vanguard....with a Stormtalon or too thrown in! lol TTFN
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    New SM minis WIP

    Just a few snaps of my latest project, a Space Marine Chapter of my own creation called the Sky Drakes. Plan is for them to use Ravenguard tactics so there will be assault squads soon, once money allows :P Still working on a chapter symbol, need something that fits with the name but is...
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    Zenithal highlights

    Here is my first try at zenithal highlights using an airbrush.....i had real problems spraying just a small area of the mini, if i lowered my PSI too far the paint started to splatter....if i raised it then i started to loose control and just painted the whole mini instead. Not the best pics...
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    How to achieve a weathered look on minis?

    Yes please.....i do use YouTube a lot but theres sooooo much stuff its all to easy to miss the really good vids. TTFN
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    How to achieve a weathered look on minis?

    Will the rock salt method work on minis that small? Still its worth a try! :-) TTFN
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    How to achieve a weathered look on minis?

    Hi all I am in the process to starting a new WH40K army of renegade Space Marines, not one of the old traitor Legions but a warband made up of marines who have only just abandoned their various Chapters and lead by one of The Fallen. The look im after is one of defaced/worn/damaged suits of...
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    Airbrushing question

    Its certainly worth a try, i have a window quite near to my work station. TTFN