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    62 Catalina Barn Car

    Excellent work - like the paint job on the body, cant wait to see this finished. Keep us posted. Cheers Richard
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    Ultimate Man Cave

    Cheers guys for all your feed back ref this ongoing project. I have decided to do away with the carpet, in its present form, but will revisit it as I think it needs something like it in the skip. Here are the updated images of what I managed to do this weekend.... Started to rust the container...
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    CTspeedshop and Dr. Cranky Collaboration

    Wow :o
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    Ultimate Man Cave

    Cheers guys for the kind comments. Here are a few update pics of the work done this weekend. Started on the skip, adding rubbish - need to add more rust to the base coat, not sure about the carpet, think the scale may be a bit too big - any thoughts? Additional work on the Mini - added a tarp...
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    Workers Van "Chevy"

    Excellent kit. :) Where did you get the trailer from? Cheers Richard
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    Cool. Where did you get the accessories in the background from? Cheers Richard
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    Ultimate Man Cave

    That's right. I have heard that they have released on old accessory kit with additional figures. Been trying to find reference to it, not luck at the moment. Cheers Richard
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    Ultimate Man Cave

    Cheers guys for the kind comments. Manged to get a few things done today, hope to add a few more details tomorrow, will post images soon. Cheers Richard
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    Dawn of the Apocalypse Contest

    Ditto - arrived safe and sound in the post. ;) Thanks to everyone involved and to everyone who took part. Cheers Richard
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    Ultimate Man Cave

    Still time my friend. Cheers Richard
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    Ultimate Man Cave

    Cheers Scott. Yes pity about the doors - if I had the patient I would do something about it, but as it being shown with them open I think it still looks alright. Richard
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    Ultimate Man Cave

    Hi, After my Zombie Killer Car, I thought I'd something else on the car front. I have become addicted to the programme "Storage Wars" and thought of doing something along those lines. After a quick flick around the inter-web I came across some images of cargo containers, 20 foot ones, and this...
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    Dawn of the Apocalypse Contest

    A belated" Happy Modelling New Year" to one and all.... Excellent work all round, congrats to everyone who entered it has given me lots of ideas for another Zombie build. Scott the title of my piece is "Zombie Killer Car" - Zombie Killer Car - "Dawn of the Apocalypse" Well surprised with the...
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    Repurposed Pickup Truck

    Cannot wait to see this one finished, looking gooooood!