Doing it right, this site clears up the conveluded stylings of zimmerit patterns and for what armor etc.
As always check your references. While that article states that specific patterns went on specific vehicles there are always exceptions to the rule. For instance theres documented photos showing early/mid tiger 1s with waffle pattern zimmerit applied. According to the above article that pettern was reserved for Sturmgeschutz III vehicles. While mid-late only tigers had a horizontal wavy pattern applied. Check the references.
Well, you are correct that checking your photo refrences is always the way to go. This site clearly states however that they are merely representing
"standardized" zimmerit patterns and that "contradictions abound". There is even photo evidence of SP's having zimmerit applied which was not the norm.
A site like this is handy for the less learned(like myself) and you don't have to go chasing all over the internet for refrences. If your emulating a photo
however,that makes things a lot simpler.

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