Wonderfest 2009

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May 7, 2009
Hey there guys,

Some of you may, or may not know that Wonderfest 2009 is on going this weekend.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, Wonderfest is a Sci-fi trade show and model show, all rolled into one. A great display of contest and display models from the public, but also a trade show for those companies that make Sci Fi kits.

A couple of rumors coming out from this weekend so far..........

Moebius has gotten the license for Battlestar Galactica, and will be releasing a Mk. II Viper in the next year. Same scale as the Revell kits. They also said that they are thinking about doing Galactica herself....although there is no confirmation, nor scale if they do end up doing it. They also mention a couple of other ships, but no word on what....personally if they do the MkII Viper, they should do the Mk IX, as well as the Raider, heavy Raider and Raptor!

Round 2 also announced that they got the license for the new Star Trek movie (which btw way was awesome....saw it today), and will be releasing the new (or is that old) Enterprise in 2010...no word on scale....but likely to be 1/1000 or 1/350 (maybe both), to go with their other releases.
Cool. If anyone was there and has photos they would like to share, send me an email and I'll do a Wonderfest thing on the next show! Cool.
Oh, didn't know that there was a US Wonderfest as well. Only know the japanese one.
That's robiwons' blue leader. He said he was the only one to bring a studio scale X-wing fighter to the show.

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