Why does my paint "bead" up?


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May 7, 2009
I am using Tamiya Fine White Primer.
Then A Badger airbrush paint, flourecent orange and it beads up like mad!
Which is what I am now.
Any ideas as to why it would do this?
I have the Anthem 155 and am spraying at 12PSI
Theres a film over the primer and the surface tension of the paint is causing it to bead. Its like putting water over oil. I have had that issue with tamiya primer sometimes. It dries too smooth.
:D never thought I would hear the words Too Smooth about any coat of anything I put on.
So I'll scuff 'er a bit and hope for the best.
are you thinning your paint???? and if so with what???? just trying to figure out the beading thing. i did have a prob back in the day with full strength paint but once i thinned it it was all good
yo im having a similar problem when airbrushing with acrylic the paint comes out grainy on smooth surfaces, i do use water to thin my paint, should i use a proper acrylic thinner?
PG tips, welcome! I'm thinking yes, use proper thinner. Worth a try at least. Some folks get great results with Windex and Wind Shield Wash as well.
It all goes to say !

Know your Paint chemistry !

any paints need some Tooth to Cling or Bond to the surface !

that's why the first frew coats you apply should be Mists then....
the Wet coat ! if needed ?

and Yes... those new Tamiya RatCans do produce some pretty Slick finishes !
which may need to be Rough up a little to aid bonding of another product !

Also mentioned.. surface tension ! lots of peoples are experiencing mixing some acylics with Future to help break that and but Again... it's all about experimentation ! not all Acrylics likes Future !

Take Care !!!



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