WAR WHEELS - Rules of Engagement


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Dec 17, 2010
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Hey Guys & Gals ,

Panzerace007 here. I'll be your Sergeant at Arms for this Group Build.

This will be a Friendly No Nonsense Group Build ! ;D The Rules are Easy & Broad to entice a lot of Builders to Join in & HAVE FUN ! This is not a Contest but a True Group Build in every sense of the Word , You don't even really need to have the Kit be 100% Un-Built . It's all about havin' Fun & scrapin' Plastic ! Let's have Fun & I'll see ya' in October !

The Rules of Engagement are as follows :

- If it has Wheels & was used by the Military on the Ground, It's in - No Tracks, No Half Tracks etc

- Time Period - American Civil War (1861) - Present

- All Nations

- Canons ( Cassions are fine, but not the Horses), Towed Artillery ( not Placed, but at least "ready to be Towed" condition) , Armored Cars, Trucks, Wheeled APC's , *Civilian Vehicles pressed into Service ( on this one I ask that you provide a reference picture to keep it from turning into a "What If " scenario . Picture does not have to match your Model)

- All Scales

- No Entry Fee

- October 1st, 2011 - February 29th 2012

- As an added bonus (to entice you to finish) when the GB is done, we will put up a separate thread of all of the finished builds. There will also be random prize giveaways of a $20 GC for use on ElmCityHobbies.com and SMA stuff. Only those with a finished build are eligible.

* Civilian vehicle examples - The French Citroen, Any German Civi Vehicle from WWII ( as a lot were confiscated for the War effort & given to Officers { usually painted in Military base coats & Camo } , The Toyota Hi-Lux ( as seen in Somalia & Afganistan)

- SMA Motto - The Goal is Completion , Not Perfection !

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