USMC F/A-18C Digital Camouflage

Frank Steffens

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May 6, 2009
Made this one a couple of years ago...its the 1/72 Hasegawa kit with homemade decals, painted to represent the CO'splane from VMFA-314:


Cool Frank...I think I've seen this one before eheh...
It's really a cool scheme!!!

Cheers mate
Welcome Frank Steffens. Ok that is one serious nice job on those decals and the entire build. Very kewl.
Impressive. That's an interesting paint scheme. The groundwork with all the oil stains looks cool too.
svinehunden said:
awesome paint job...did you use stencils?


I didn't use stencils....I started with a base coat of the darkest color (dark gull gray), then placed individual rectangular shapes of masking tape, sprayed the next lightest color (medium gray), masked again, then dark ghost gray,masked then finally light ghost gray, then removed all of the masking tape and there it was!

It was really tedious, but I'm happy how it turned out.

your patience was well rewarded on that build. The digital cammo looks awesome.

God Bless,

Thanks Ferris!

The tarmac is actually a cheap table that I bought from Ikea its 4ft by 2ft....I laid out a grid 4in by 4in, and airbrushed the slabs...I masked off where I wanted the yellow line, and sprayed that on. Then I used a pencil to draw in cracks, and the oil stains are thinned black paint flicked on with an old brush. It went quick....I think it took about two hours to do the whole I use it to display all of my 1/72 was a lot of fun to build, but now its a swift pain to keep the dust off! ;D
I'm totally using your tarmac idea as a referance for mine......hope your good wit dat ;D

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