Tutorial - Cheap DIY Airbrush Cleaning Pot!


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Mar 9, 2015
Hey Addicts! Just wanted to share my recipe for a cheap DIY Airbrush cleaning station! I haven't had a chance to buy a proper one yet so I made my own to use for now. I've recorded a video (my first video actually), but I haven't uploaded it yet so I thought I'd do a written, typed?, tutorial.

Anyways here's what you guys will need...

A Rubbermaid 1-pint MixerMate bottle. I got this at Walmart and it was less than $1.50!

A pin vise and drill bits. I used the 3/64 from the Dremel set.

A rubber grommet. I picked this set up at Harbor freight for about $8 back when I was working on a car doing wiring. I'm sure you could find single grommets at your local hardware store. I used the 1/2" since it fit my Badger 105 Patriot perfectly.

Optional is a cigarette lighter and a Sharpie.

Okay Step 1 is to take the cap and drill a group of ventilation holes. There used to be a strip connecting the cap to the lid, but I cut it off. You can choose to keep it if you'd like.

Step 2 is to pick a spot next to the spout and create a hole for your grommet to sit in.

Optional step is to attempt to heat the hole area and use the Sharpie to bend the plastic to create more of an angle. This is so you don't have to tip the airbrush to far to get a seal in the grommet. For me it worked okay, I'm sure there's a better way to do this step.

Then pop in your grommet! You could seal it in with silicone, but I see no reason to.

Now you can catch all that stuff when cleaning up or changing colors!
I usually just put a bit of water or Windex in the bottom before my painting session. Sometimes I'll place a small piece of shop towel over the spout and then put the cap on to filter some of the mist, but I usually do this with my spraybooth running so it doesn't matter much.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first tutorial! Now everyone should have a cleaning pot on their bench! Thanks for looking and keep on building guys!

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