Toyota GT One - Tamiya


May 6, 2009
So here is my first model in over twenty years. I left it the see through version to ease back in to things



Hey Sharkie just like ridin a bike bud, Good to see ya never got over the sytrene addiction. great build so what next then. speedie.... ;D
I'm wrapping up two at the moment. One is a Revell Silverado that I'm making for my to look like a supervisor's truck for a fictious Landscape company owned by my family. I'm putting little details in it that will have something to do with each one of my brothers and I'm going to put it in my mom's computer room. The other one is a real night mare. It's a glue bomb that I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents. Somebody stopped after assembling the engine, and I can see why. It's a Monogram '59 Impala and seems to have been designed by a series of sub committies that were not on speaking terms. I would say 80% of the parts don't match up. Like the steering shaft is doesn't even reach half way to the fire wall and the door panels are so tall it's ridiculous. I'm really getting my chops honed on it. I'm testing out quite a few new techniques I've read about. The car is a boat so I'm painting it to resemble the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Carribean and going to display Jolly Rogers on the ariels. If nothing else I'm having fun!

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