Tiger II (apple polishing)


Permanently Sleepy
May 10, 2009
Did I hear correctly? Yer Man is about to do a King Tiger?

If so, maybe this:DSCN1843.jpg may be of use. Should be an album of same accessible.

Picture source is me, place is Bovington (http://www.tankmuseum.org/ ), excellent visit. I've been visiting there for...wow...40 years or so. Tanks aren't really viable for me as I have three lifetimes or so of aero subjects, but the big beasts are undoubtedly appealing.

HTH - Patrick
Oh come now Patrick!
Really put some elbow grease on that apple and join in!
I too have a lot of stuff I could do but the thought of a Scott Girvan led GB was way to much for me to turn down!

and that is how to really polish an apple :D
Scott Girvan said:
Great photo! Thanks for the link.

Album's at http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r172/PatrickNevin/Tiger%20II/ and you should be able to see the rest, if of any use.

To follow Mac's example, I could be *really* sycophantic and say, yes, I'd be up for it. For certain kinds of paint in Hannants you need to buy a kit to help the shipping. For me these tend to be Specials (i.e. cheap) and pretty sure I've got a 76th King Tiger there. Game on, say the word :)
That king tiger used to be stored at shrivenham in the northern part of the UK. It was recently given to Bovington in recent years. I believe it is the only henschel turret king tiger left that has zimmerit on it. It has just been repainted in recent years. I linked Scott to vids of this tank being towed at Bovington. When the shop tractor couldnt do to move it around outside they called in a CAARV (recovery challenger tank) to come get it. The king tiger was so heavy its track cleat was leaving impressions in the paved ground as they towed it. Be great if they did a rip and strip to this to get it running like they did with the tiger 1.

I am going to move this to the reference links section since it is not a tank model in progress.

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