The weather says October. . .


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May 7, 2009
Okay maybe September. . .Our friends to the North have sent us that pesky Canadian cold weather system.
Right now it is 59F and raining. The High is 69F! Good day to tackle a Tiger, but the calender says August.
Might be snowing by the time we start our project so a trip to the store is in order to make sure I have all the items. . .
Well Mac, where I am up here it's unseasonally warm for this time of year right now. So my Better Half keeps finding more of those things I'm supposed to get done before the snow flies. And more, and get the picture. Sure getting lots done outside but I'm scrambling to get my hunting done and I can only get to The Cave if a nephew, niece or grandkid is visiting. (Yeah, I got 'em ALL trained, lol) I'm way to busy to build anything complex during the summer, I got a BIG yard and I still play alot of softball, so when the weather gets ugly I batten down the hatches and build. I'm hoping to get in on that King Tiger GB but I may have to do a late start on it.
NOW it is October and it is still unseasonably cooler than it is supposed to be.
But the outdoor work is done in preparation for the white stuff and now we are off for the last camping trip of the year.
We Froze!
The next weekend it was sunny and in the 60's. Ahh well,maybe next year.

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