The Hog


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May 4, 2009
This beast I created pretty much as a total scratchbuild. Again in that 1/18 -1/20 scale size. The WIPs (if you are interested) are over on the Maschinenkrueger forum. This one I really enjoyed building. 100% articulated. Sod to do such but what the Hey! And yes it will feature in one of the Gaspunkwar stories.


Great scratchbuild project. Very well done. I like that sandy weathering on it.
Thanks Guys, Stands some 175mm tall. Some shots before I painted & weathered it.


Wow, thats so cool I can't get over it, Where'd you get the parts? Did you scratch build them all or are they kit leftovers?
Thanks Guys.

Where'd you get the parts?

All scratchbuilt with donor parts and actually the minimum of putty. Not that I don't like the stuff. More that I enjoy the challenge of using the absolute minimum. :)

Have an eyeball of the WIP here :

You will have to sign in to the Forum to view, but that is not a bad thing, as there is some truely wonderful work to be seen there. Fantastic stuff in fact.

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