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This next figure is an officer from the allied army, an officer of Luckner's Hussars in Hannoverian service, circa 1760:

This is a Stadden casting, and after painting the Franklin Mint castings, and Hecker & Goros, Sanderson, Puchala, and other makers' castings, I'm spoiled by their crisp detail, which makes painting the softer Staddens like this hussar more of a chore at times.

The regiment's Chef was Nicholas Luckner, a Bavarian (well, he was an Oberpfälzer) who served in the 1740s in his Elector's army, including in the Netherlands. He had retired before the Seven Years War broke out, but in 1757, he raised a troop of hussars with his own funds, and entered the Hannoverian service. He and his hussars served well; Luckner was eventually promoted to general and the unit eventually numbered close to 700 men.

Their original uniform consisted of a dark green dolman and Pelz, and red breeches, with a black Flügelmütze. This was dangerously similar to the uniform of the French Hussards de Fischer, and in 1760, a new uniform was introduced, with a white dolman and breeches, red Pelz with black fur trim, and a black Pelzmütze with a red bag.

And the next figure promoted from my gray army into the finished collection: Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, a Stadden portrait figure:

As with many other Stadden portrait figures, it doesn't really look like the subject. I picked this up off eBay as a "Stadden Hessian Officer". I noticed the star of the Order of the Garter on his left breast, and that was the clue. Ferdinand was awarded the Garter for his success commanding the allied army in western Germany. I checked my old Stadden catalog and found that sure enough, he's listed among the personalities in the Prussian army catalog. I've painted him in the uniform of his regiment in Frederick's army, "Alt-Braunschweig", or "Brunswick-senior" (IR 5). Though, the shoulder cord is inaccurate. But I didn't want to file it off. The telescope is a neat touch, though, and it's what makes Stadden's old custom figures so cool.

I've been experimenting with glazing, too, using clear acrylic with a little bit of tint, to pick up the cast relief on a figure.

Thanks for looking!

the Baron

Ich bin ja, Herr, in Deiner Macht
Pretty nice paintwork Baron
Is it your choice to leave them glossy, or is the paint still wet..?

Yes, I like the gloss finish, because it hearkens back to the classic toy soldier look. But I do use castings with as much detail as possible, and as you see, I try to pick out or use that detail.

I've got lots more in the stash, and I've been painting over the winter. Though most of those figures are for my "Berlin 1910" collection, of the Kaiser's Army, with troops on parade and civilian and military spectators. I need to photograph the latest batches and get them posted.

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