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May 7, 2009
I've got some Tamiya paint and can't get the paint to thinner ratio right, any suggestions?
Hey Capt!!!

I've always used let's say 70% thinner 30% color and spray at 15 psi with either the 0.2 or 0.3mm airbrush.
I can go also on 80-20 but that's if I only wnat the 100% control of what I do or if I wanna do mottling and postshading.
60-40 or 70-30 work mighty fine dude!!!!


PS:eek:f course diluted only with the X20A thinner...of course!
Hey, whilst we speak about Tamiya paint. I have a question as well. I bought X-19 Tamiya Smoke, to dark the canopy glass of my Banshee. But... I don't have an Airbrush at the moment and it doesn't seem to be working with a brush?! Am I doing something wrong, or does this "color" need many many coats to tone a window like... 60 %? ???
Why not try to just dip the whole canopy?
Or use Future tinted with the Tamiya Smoke and dip away.
And yes, it might take a few dips, allowing to dry between.
I have never brushed it on I always dip.
I already tried to dip it, but it gets really uneven then. ??? I'll try a mix with future at some point. Have to use the german equivalent "Erdal Glänzer", though.
I always use Tamiya paint, and thin it 1:1 with isopropyl alcohol. Thinned that way, it flows & sprays really easy, the only problem is you need LOTS of light coats. Not sure how well it would work on a canopy, I like the tinted Future idea...

When you dip in the future run a paper towel around the edges to wick excess Future away. Be careful not to touch the the glass os the canopy.
Hey everyone,

Elend: The reason it's not working well is because Tamiya acrylics aren't designed to be applied with a brush, just AB. I would recommend Vallejo acrylics for brush painting.

As for the ratio: I thin my Tamiya acrylics either 1 part paint to 4 parts lacquer thinner for a general coat or 1:6 for very fine detail painting. This might sound thin but if you need to apply more paint then you can just go over it again. It's better to thin the paint a bit more than to apply a coat which is to thick, you can always add more but removing paint without ruining the finish is impossible. As for isopropyl alcohol, it's a great acrylic killer, I use it to clean my airbrush. I tried using it as a thinner for Tamiya paints but I find it is harder to control because alcohol evaporates very quickly, making orange peel a much more common problem. Using lacquer thinner to thin Tamiya's acrylics means that I don't have to worry about the distance of my AB to the model when spraying, the finish is always smooth once dry. With alcohol as a thinner, it takes more experience and I've noticed that the finish never turned out as smooth for me.

Just my 2 euro-cents.
I agree with Panzer, I use Testor's Lacquer thinner and Tamiya paints and have no problems.
It seems to make the paint flow more better and smoother.
I thin 2:1.
You know..I haven't had a problem brush painting with tamiya paints. I also use the paints as a glaze so I may just be working around the problem without even knowing it. But yeah, thinning the paint 1:1 with regular old rubbing alcohol makes for a great beverage that will leave you blind for at least twenty minutes.
With the subsequent brain damage, you won't even notice the flaws in the painted finish.
Heh, you may laugh, but I actually thought about drinking the Tamiya smoke, since it smells sooo good! ;D
I recently started thinning my Tamiya acrlyics with automotove grade acrlyic lacquer thinner. The fumes require a mask but it goes on smooth and will not pull up with masking. I use about a 1:1 ratio. This type of thinner only works with Tamiya Acrlyics, Gunze Mr Hobby and Gunze Mr Color. It does not work with Testors Model Master Acryl, Vallejo, Pollyscale or Pactra Acrlyics. You get a big blob of paint goo.

God Bless,

Pollyscale and lacquer thinner are a bad bad combo
It turns into glop....I have had great results with Pollyscale and Testors acryl acrylic thinner
Or you can just use bottled water

I use it, really like it, recommend it - when using Tamiya Acrylic paint of course.
Heres an easy one for ya eh? just started airbrushing. i've been using tamiya stuff and i like it but now this might sound dumb but do you need to thin the tamiya clear when airbrushing? wakha!
also is it possible to pput masking tape on an area that is painted with tamiya acrylic and how long should you let the paint dry before you do this?

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