T-800 Terminator (battle damaged) 15" Arnold figure

Little Cutie

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Jun 20, 2009
This is the Horizon battle damaged Arnold figure in 15" inch 1/6th scale. This is built up, and painted with all the weapons that you see in the movie, except for the vulcan machine gun. I'll send pictures through PM for those who are interested in it - I'm not going to waste any more time posting photos for people who aren't interested in buying. This was a commission that the buyer backed out of because they couldn't afford it. From what I know, it was because of a divorce. I made all new weapons for this including, the Winchester shotgun, regular shotgun, M-79 grenade launcher with grenade round, generic grenade launcher, endoskeleton arm with the dust cover, and mounting base, and three individual shot gun shells. All these are made from actual metal, and wood parts where applicable. The endo arm is mostly aluminum, and a little bit of styrene construction. I'm willing to entertain reasonable offers. Thanks for looking.

~ LC

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