cut. glue. paint. repeat.
May 24, 2009
My sons Cub group builds rockets each year. I built this flying model rocket along with him as he built his rocket. While it's not really a scale model, it was a fun semi scale project, that was easy to fit between a busy work schedules. I have not had a chance to fly it as yet, it's cold and snowing here, so it have to wait till spring.

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Looks pretty good. And you say you built it with your son? You the Dad, buddy, you the Dad. We gotta at least try to pass the torch. Niether of mine took to it, but most of my nephews, 1 niece and 2 of my 3 (Sheldon's only 6 months now, but I got my sights on him) grandkids love to hang out it "Unca D's Model Shop" as my cave has come to be known. More power to ya, Bro. ;)
Nice! I loved flying my rockets. Does it have a chute, or is it supposed to glide down?
Thanks Bullet, any time that can be spent is a good thing...

Shark - It's a chute recovery. I have a swing wing glider also that has yet to be flown.
Well, we flew the Blackbird last weekend and the chute did not open completely, gravity took over and SMASH right into the school yard tarmack. Fun while it lasted...
She's a little, mmm "customized" right now, and by "customized" I mean damaged by the tarmac. I'll let you know how the repairs go...

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