Singapore 1942 diorama

I've seen this on armorama before. You're doing an excellent job on this build and some great research! It's a very interesting scene.
Thanks Panzer-Plastic,

Sorry to the guys who have seen this on Armorama.

When I get around to making my next diorama, I might centre the build log in the Nerd Herd exclusively. ;)

Welcome youch - good to see you here friend. Wow, that looks AWESOME! Insane man. I love it! And the idea of an exclusive NH build - sounds great!
Cheers Scott, it's great to be here! I'm glad you like my diorama.

Chas ;)
That scratch built Buoy is great and I've only been to the armorama site once to find out how to make tiny barbed wire (to keep out the tiny burglars ;) ) so its nice an fresh to me and looking good so far.

Thanks friends,

Blitz, Armorama is really good. I started off there and leant heaps. Now doing more figure modelling so starting to spend most of my time on Historicus Forma.

Joolz, hopefully more coming soon.
Yep i must check it out more, I think I found out how to make palm trees there for my Dinomania group build last year. So many forums and so little time :D

I thought I might do something a little different and document my progress on video for a change.


This was my first time editing a video and I apologise for the sound quality.

Figures are my down fall. You make it look easy!
Love the singing!!
Very Monty Python!
Hi Chas,
Cool vid 8) very good for a 1st time edit, cool singing :p
This is going to be such a great dio when its finished.
Hey Mac, I make it look easy? I hope I can say that about my next armour build, but I seriously doubt it! :eek: ;D

Cheers Joolz. I hope so! It is taking sooo long to finish this thing. Kinda like the Red 6... ;)

Shark, I put the radio on sometimes as well. I won't do it in my videos because:

1. It is 80's music I listen to.

2. My singing.  :eek: :'(

Thanks for the comments guys.


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