Securing lights to plastic celing


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Nov 10, 2022
I've got a Revell Type XXI submarine with interior I'm working on putting lights into. I bought these 1mm LEDs pre-soldered to what look like 30 something gauge wires. The LEDs themselves adhere easily enough to the plastic with CA glue and some the stuff you can use to speed up the curing time. The trick I'm having, is getting the plastic coated wires to stick. They seem to slip out of the CA. The goal is to secure them and paint over them like their piping on the ceiling, turn 90 degrees then dive into or behind the false wall where they would disappear. They're pretty flimsy, and the wires are small enough they don't really hold shape well. They have to run on the ceiling because the celling and the deck are the same piece of plastic, and a false ceiling would be a real pain in the butt to make. Are there other adhesives anyone has used for securing wires to plastic? I am using a medium thin CA, maybe I should just try a thicker CA and pin the wire in the glue?
I use aluminum tape to tape down wires

the kind used for HVAC systems. Sticks great and you can paint over it if needed

plus you can tightly form the tape around the wires to make them just look like raised details
Another option is run the wires through some plastic round or sqaure tubing or behind plastic U-channels and glue the plastic so it look like beams or something

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