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May 7, 2009
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Many years ago, Dragon released a 1/35 SS-1c SCUD B w/MAZ-543 TEL vehicle. For its day, it was a pretty "decent" kit, but wouldn't stand up to kits coming out today.

Fast forward to 2014, Trumpeter hints at "something big" coming, well the day came and went and this is what they showed:

Then a day later, Meng announces this:

The Meng one isn't exactly like the Trumpeter one, as the Meng represents the Scud B (same as the ages old Dragon kit), while the Trumpeter one represents the Scud C. Essentially the difference, the Scud C has a different, longer range missile than the Scud B.

No idea as to a release date for either of these, many rumors flying as to when they will come out, one rumor says that the Meng one has actually been released from the factory in China on it's way to various suppliers, while another rumor says that the Trumpeter one is to be released next month.

In reality...who knows, either way, both of these will be beasts!

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