Scratch built gunboat Philadelphia 1/18.

I paid attention to my settings this morning for this rudder. So the setting IS actually mm/minute. This rudder is 5mm thick walnut.
7 passes, 100% power and 301 mm/minute.
Took about 6 minutes to cut. It did cut significantly into my sacrifice board below, so I would say it was cut after 5 passes?

On another note…
Cant say enough good about this setup. I bought the ender 3 about 4 years ago and the laser module three days ago. All in, I have about $450 for everything (laser AND 3d printer!). That is really cheap for what it can do and I have had ZERO problems with anything.
I designed off the plans this morning (plus 33%) the rudder on Tinkercad in about 1.5 hours and cut it better than I ever could have by hand in 10 minutes.


I'm more interested in the laser than the 3D printer .
I haven't looked at any units , this is the first time I have thought about maybe getting one .

I'll have to do some shopping ,
but both for 5 bills is way cheaper than I thought .

maybe Santa will bring me one .
If he wants his reindeer back he'll need to come to the table ...
I just scaled up the weight from my video. Its only about 18.9 pounds in scale.
I'll put a whole gallon on there tomorrow and try to raise it. That'll be 10 stone.

19 lbs at scale ?
mass increases by the cube of the scale .
That would weigh whatever it is times 5832 .

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