Sci-fi Star Wars Howlfighter


Jun 10, 2013
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Category: Sci-fi

Name of Build: Star Wars Howlfighter

Kit manufacturer: Scratch

Scale: 1/72

It has been a matter of first for me! First scratchbuild, first time using fiber optic, first time using 220V electricity and first time using materials really not made for modeling (the body of the ship is a made from a deodorant bottle). I'm really happy with the result!

Well, let's speak about the model!
The howlfighter is a small version of the Howlrunner. She is made for high speed interception! The paint scheme shows a design for speed and fast action!
Equipped with 2 laser canon and a concussion missile launcher, she really is a pain bringer on the battlefield!
Long range sensors under the body of the ship allow the detection of preys before they even know his presence!

This one comes back from a battle in an asteroid field! She took lots of little impacts on the body and a laser shot behind the cockpit. However she come back safe at her base!

Final Images