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Apr 24, 2009
Thanks for registering. Here are four simple recommendations that will make your experience on SMA an enjoyable one.

  • Post photos of fully clothed people in normal daytime situations - (this includes avatars).
  • Use words that would be acceptable in a birthday card to your grandma.
  • Encourage people - do unto others as you would have done unto you if you loved yourself.
  • If you're selling stuff that isn't scale modeling - we don't want any. We spend our money on models.

One more thing:
If you post photos on this forum, I reserve the right to use them throughout the scale model addict website, newsletter, videos and marketing. I won't sell them and you will get credit for the work/photo.


Have fun, post a lot, give, take, share, live, laugh, love, make friends, spread the word, learn, grow, dream, encourage, lift up and most of something.

God bless you,
Tech Specs

Here are the various technical specifications for the forums.

  • Inline images are OK
  • Max of 5 images per post
  • 100Kb each but a total of 500Kb for all for combined - crunch down file size before attaching. We need to preserve server space.
  • No pixel size limit
  • .jpg, .gif & .doc are OK
  • Custom avatars are OK
  • 50 x 50 px Max

That's it for now.
Using your photos in site gallery

I had emailed everyone about this a while back. I have a gallery on the new site and I have been adding photos from this forum to it. I have been copying and reuploading the files, not linking to them on your photobuckets etc...

If you DO NOT want me to include your pics in the forum email me, otherwise I'll consider it OK by you. You will get full credit of course. Just wanting to show off all the cool work on this forum.

More on the new site soon. Almost done.

Thanks all, you guys ROCK.
Linking your Build Videos from YouTube

You can link your youtube vids to a forum post very easily. Just simply copy the url of your video and paste it into your post. They system will recognize it's a youtube video link and do the rest automatically. :)
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