Panzer Jager

Well, looks good for your first try. Armor is not too different from spaceships, really. Only more mud.

Oh and btw. I heard many people fake the cloth on those boxed with paper tissues. They sometimes only have reliefes on the outer edges. Usually they are free of them. Many use white glue and water on them.
Lookin good Scott. Your on the right track. If i do a tarp i use patterened tissue. once its wet and hit with glue the pattern tends to come out of the tissue. Your aves worked just as well though. If you have any other questions PM ME!
Looks Great! Part of the fun and success comes from having no idea of what you are doing!
Awesome little build Scott, and a great surprise, love the idea of string for grass, that's one for the memory bank.
The new cave looks great, loads of light and space, thanks for the tour.
Joolz. :)

Very cool episodes, your Hobby room is much nicer than season 1, on top of that the quality is second to none! I am really enjoying these little builds until you get your books and parts.

Thankyou, very much :)

I agree with bttfspencer. These little episodes are absolutely packed with great tips! Keep up the great work.
The best place to get thin design free tissue? A public bathroom. I don't think you could find thinner paper on the planet!
Haha, neat idea! It's also quite rough sometimes. We do have toilet paper in public toilets around here, which you could use to fake asphalt in 1:35 scale! :D
Hey based on that picture I would have thought the easiest option would be to buy some grass mats:

Or tufts:

If it looks too uniform just trim, airbrush etc to get it looking natural.

Just an option... :D

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