Paint storage?


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May 27, 2009
Where would typically be the best place to store enamels so they dont go bad? is this even an issue? I had some really old Testors enamels and I could not get them to emulsify with the the thinner no matter what i did, it would just goop up and become ruined, any particular reason for this?
I have a whole bunch of Humbrol enamels that I store in my draw. Some have gooped up, others have not. I have no idea why...

Sorry I can't help, but I would also be interested in finding the solution.

I've had the same results as Youch. I always use the same brand of thinner as the paint and sometimes it works sometimes not. I think I notice it works best on bottles that were more full or hardly used. That leads me to believe that if I know I'm not going to be using a paint for a long while I will throw a little extra thinner in there before putting it up for storage.
im sure that paint drys when it reacts with oxygen in the air so the paint going gloopy is a sign that the paint is beginning to dry out.

if you have an air tight room that would be good but i found that adding thiner to half empty paint tubs works great
Every now and then, I put a little thinner in mine, and shake them well. Remember shaken not stirred! That usually solves the problem with paints drying up.

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